Blaze Maelstrom versus Attack Mode Bey Easy

Location and Advantages/Disadvantages

Location: Bey Training Centre

Advantage: None

Disadvantages: None


Blaze launches Galaxy Eagle against the Attack Easy Bey. The AEB starts to charge at Eagle. "Eagle, dodge, then attack!" Blaze shouts at Eagle. The AEB crashes into the side of the stadium,  then Eagle attacks after pulling out of the attack. "That's a Stamina and Attack move. One more to go..." says Blaze, comfortingly. The AEB starts following Eagle, who zooms around the arena faster, and the AEB goes with it. "Eagle! You're draining stamina!" shouts Blaze. Eagle slows down, only to be attacked by the AEB. "Oh no, Eagle, we need to push again!" says Blaze, "Eagle, try and do a Double Attack!" shouts Blaze, then Eagle attacks once, then dodges the AEB's attack, then attacks again. Mysteriously, the AEB stops spinning. Blaze Maelstrom has won.


Winner: Blaze Maelstrom

Loser: AEB

Blaze Maelstrom adds 25 Bey Coins to his Vault.