Blaze Maelstrom versus Attack Bey Mode Hard

Location and Advantages/DisadvantagesEdit

Location: Bey Training Centre

Advantage: None

Disadvantages: None


Blaze launches Galaxy Eagle at AEH. "Eagle, attack bitterly!" rages Blaze, as Eagle clashes with AEH's Defence. "My bey is Rock Aries H145 BS. Attack 20. Defence 100. Stamina 70." says the owner of AEH. "Eagle, counterattack!" shouts Blaze. Rock Aries swerves and twerves, failing to attack. Eagle dodges, using Stamina power. "Aries, Special Move, All Through Destruction!" shouts AEH. Aries gains 20 ATK power and 20 STM power. Aries attacks using his new power, but is worthless against Eagle's Defence. Aries attacks again, but bounces off, then stops spinning.


Winner: Blaze Maelstrom

Loser: Attack Bey Mode Hard

Winner gains 100 Bey Coins.

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