Will is a very dignified man, he has a strong sense of courage, pride and honor, and he holds a strong aversion to lies, and is very chivalrous. Will is extremely protective and possessive of his friends, and gets easily angered when they are insulted, and murderous when they are in danger, but always hides that fact and appears calm in crisis as he hates to be seen with a weakness and he knows that if the enemy were to find out about his protectiveness to his friends around him they would use that against him. But Will has a tough attitude and hides his sentimentality. Even when his family died, he did not cry but rather bottled in his sadness, causing others to worry when he would shut himself up in his room for long periods of time.

Beyblade ListEdit

Attack Stat = /100

Defence Stat = /100

Stamina Stat = /100

Beyblade Type =

Wins =

Losses =

Draws =

  • Beyblade 2